Montana is well known as a vast state comprised of 145,388 square miles. From the Northwest corner to the Southeast corner is about the same distance as it is from Chicago to Washington, D.C. No other radio broadcast attempts to deliver news that tells the story of this vast state, calling upon sources from corner to corner to the stories of the events and people that affect the daily happenings of Montana. The philosophy of “Montana News” is to cut through the clutter to deliver a fast-paced update that will be topical and relevant to Montanans. Information that reflects the unique lifestyle we enjoy while addressing the challenges we face.

“Montana News” is fed to NBS affiliates eight times daily to fit morning, noon and evening drive times. Affiliates have the option of recording the programs for multiple feeds throughout the day. The newscasts cover Montana’s biggest headlines and issues, with voice actualities from the newsmakers.

The Northern Broadcasting System and Montana News, a win-win combination providing listener with news they can use and a vehicle like none other for you to get your message into the homes, vehicles and businesses of Montanans!

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Montana Sports with Rocky Erickson Regular listeners of "Montana Sports" are continually amazed by the historical detail and human perspective that Rocky Erickson brings to his show. A walking encyclopedia of Montana athletic history, Erickson features the voices of dozens of guests on his show each month, along with the scores and the highlights of Montana sporting events, large and small.

"Mine is not just a ’Scoreboard Show,"’ Erickson is quick to point out, "because the daily papers have all the scores each morning, and chances are the local radio station probably had them on as soon as the game was over last night. What they might not realize is that the 34-point performance by that local Class C athlete was his career best, and that his previous best was against the same opponent two seasons ago, or that the kid’s Dad held the school high-point record for 12 years on that same court! If I can get the emotion of both the athlete’s and his Dad’s voice on the same show... then we’ve got something worth listening to!"

Rocky Erickson is eight-time winner of the "Montana Sportscaster of the Year" award from the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association, solid evidence of the respect that his peers have for his work! New features Erickson has developed on the Northern Sports Network include Montana-North Dakota All-Star Football Game, East-West Montana Shrine Game, network broadcasts of the Montana/Wyoming High School All-Star Basketball games and more!

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It’s not just “bullets and fish hooks”!  As host of the Shadow of the Rockies on the Northern Sports Network Erl Barsness will keep you posted on the wide range of outdoor activities our listeners enjoy.  A good deal of that activity does include hunting and fishing so we’ll keep you up-to-date on the game and fish prospects throughout Montana, Wyoming and the western Dakotas.  During the snow sliding season you’ll be kept informed on the current conditions at the many great resorts in our listening area.  If you head to the backcountry (on skis, snowshoes or your favorite snow machine) having the necessary equipment and training to deal with avalanche danger is critical.  We keep you informed on the latest snow conditions & potential avalanche danger all season long.

Maybe shooting wildlife with your camera is your passion.  We’ll pass along tips from accomplished “pros” in the field that can help you capture those images even more effectively.

We don’t ignore the issues that impact your outdoor activity either and there are many. Whether it’s maintaining access to public land, working with private landowners to be better understanding of their concerns or just encouraging all of us that appreciate our outdoor opportunities to be good stewards; these are just a few of the subjects that we’ll do our best keep on top of and keep you informed. 

In addition to the information we’ve just mentioned you can be sure, if it relates to outdoor recreation in this fantastic part of the country, we’ll be talking about it.  Most of all we like to have a little fun so we’ll throw in some stories of those whoppers (caught or missed); the trophy that disappeared over the far rise or down the coulee, and maybe even why Lakemaid Beer is a favorite of fishermen everywhere.

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Montana's only statewide commercial radio talk show. Agree? Disagree? Have a better idea? Share your thoughts with the host and other listeners of Voices of Montana! Call the studio line, 866-NBS-LIVE (1-866-627-5483).







Voices of Montana - Monday - Part 1


Voices of Montana - Monday - Part 2



Since 1975, the Northern Ag Network has been the primary information source that agriculture trusts for daily Ag information and market news, in Montana, Wyoming and the western Dakotas.

Our award-winning farm broadcast team produces over 20 different radio programs each weekday that are fed to over five-dozen radio stations, and ten TV stations. We strive to be the strongest voice for the Agriculture industry, by tackling head-on its hottest concerns and issues of the moment.

Our interactive website www.NorthernAg.NET provides up-to-the-minute news, weather and market updates following our broadcasts. When a story breaks or a market moves; our up-to-the-second, region-wide broadcasts beat the socks off the competition! When you add in the unmatched credibility of our farm broadcast team, it’s no wonder that producers know if something is going on in the world today that’ll affect their business, they’ll hear about it first on the Northern Ag Network!

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The Northern Ag Network is proud to provide five weather programs, Monday through Friday, produced by well-known Montana Weathercaster Ed McIntosh. Listeners can hear Ed's reports five times daily on affiliated stations in Montana, Wyoming, and the Western Dakotas, and many have come to trust his forecasts to plan their daily routine.   More Weather...

Our five network weather programs are strategically scheduled at intervals to give the most complete picture of developing weather patterns, and to provide that critical information at the times when it is most usable by radio listeners. The first report of the day is fed to affiliated stations at 6:41AM, in time for the early morning news block, with one-minute updates at 8:41AM and 12:54PM offering a regional look at weather that provides the latest forecast from Northern Ag Net. The 11:41AM feed provides an in-depth midday update on current conditions. Finally, at 4:41PM an evening weather program is fed to stations for play in their evening drive slot as part of their daily local news and information wrap.

For detailed local conditions, local radar, local forecasts, drought index, soil temps and much more weather information visit our sister web site http://www.NorthernAg.Net


"Talk Rodeo" by Rick Thompson and Derek Barton
"Grass Roots Gold" by Jim Lynn and Dave Wilson
"Northern Gardening Tips" by Bob Gough and Cheryl Moore-Gough
"On the Road Again" by Jim Thompson

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