2007 Farm Broadcaster Study

QUESTION 1: What is your PRIMARY source for ag markets, ag news and other ag information?

Farmers use RADIO most!

QUESTION 2: Which Farm Broadcaster do you DEPEND on most for farm market reports, farm news, and other ag information?

An Amazing 54.6% of Montana & Wyoming Ag producers name a Northern Ag Network Farm Broadcaster! (All others named totaled only 12.2%!)

QUESTION 3: How often do you listen to the radio for crop and livestock market reports?

An amazing 75.3% of producers listen 2 to 5 times per week or more! (49.2% listen at least once or more per day!) (2005 data)

74.3% of Ag Producers in Montana and Wyoming listen each week to the affiliated stations of the Northern Ag Network!

1Average Quarter Hour Rating: The average percentage of the total Class 1+ framers and ranchers in the area that listened to Northern Ag Network stations each quarter hour during the time period.

2Average Quarter Hour Share: Of all Class 1+ farmers and ranchers that listened to the radio during the time period, this is the percentage listening to Northern Ag Network stations.

3CUME Rating: The projected percentage of all Class 1+ farmers and ranchers that listened to a Northern Ag Network station from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Methodology: This study was planned and implemented by Ag Media Research of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In the Spring of 2007, a total of 668 telephone surveys were taken, making a projection of 12,076 Montana and Wyoming producers. (The unaided recall method of telephone interviewing was used.) The survey covered 53 counties in Montana and 23 in Wyoming. All respondents were qualified to be Class 1+ Ag producers with farm sales over $40,000 a year.