Northern News Headlines
Final decision on silver & copper mine by late January
Mt Sen. Tester believes gov't can't dictate to states in labeling
Part of larger $11.8 million request in a contested case
Hundreds of construction workers on Improvement Project
Used covert propaganda to tip public for Waters Of US Rule
Angela McLean starting in High Education position 1/4/16
No answers from Canada yet on cross-border issues raised
Is best air wing in Air Force Global Strike Command
FBI admits forensic and hair analysis shortcomings
Rules set salt water standards forTongue & Powder River
Problem is Congress is scheduled to end year Dec. 16th
FBI database needs info for buyers of guns before they're ok'd
Would become one less Mt county if not paying higher prop. tax
Workers hurt anywhere to be able to sue in Montana is the ?
Last year 54,266 Montanans signed up for Obamacare
Mt farmers and ranchers pressuring Congress to fix COOL
He is accused of illegal campaign coordination in 2010
Customers will pick up the tab in higher gas and electric rates
14 clemency request applications since new law in Oct.
Doctoral dissertation says performance plummets
Advocates want judge's restrictions to be lifted for patients
Callers being taken care of eventually and are appreciative
Lawyers want more time to settle the case out of court
Will refurbish 12 bed Administrative Segregation Unit
Water rights to be estalished for Blackfeet American Indian tribe
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The battle over labeling foods with genetically modified incredients is heating up in Congress and Senator Jon Tester is speaking out. He is objecting to attempts to stop GMO ingredients from being labeled. At issue is whether the federal government has the ability to prevent states from creating their own labeling programs.



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